Sidescroller Shooting?

I was following this tutorial, and I got stumped a point. The intention works fine, where the projectile goes where the mouse is pointing, but how can I lock the projectile to only shoot in the direction the character is facing, and NOT rely on the mouse for aim? As in just shoot straight, and only straight in the direction I’m facing. Thanks in advance.

To stick near to that tutorial:

Get rid of the mouse hit result. You will only need the location of your actor and the rotation.

Spawn it with the offset you want. Multiply that with -1 if your character rotation is 0 and by nothing if it’s 180 (or the other way around. It may be 90 and -90 or 90 and 270 as well). And well… you’re done.

I’ll see what I can put together. Thanks for the input!

Update: tried to put it together, but sort of got a garbled mess. Perhaps I placed some of the nodes together wrong when trying to adjust it to what you said. Do you have an image I may reference?

Secondary Update: Ah, just figured out a simple fix to this after some adjustments (and major deleting). Here’s the final blueprint


What exactly is shoot sphere?

3D sidescroller shooting in angles WITHOUT a mouse.

Hi guys, I’ve been searching on the web for the answer for months but I haven’t been successful.
The question is simple, but the answer seems to be something sacred and very difficult to find.

OK, let’s go …

How can I create a script of mechanics similar to Bass or Axel (from Megaman) from sidescroller 3d shooting game? How to make a 3D sidecroller character shoot at angles or aim WITHOUT a mouse.

All the answers I found on the internet is about to aim using mouse location, but in my project the player will not use the mouse. Only the keyboard or gamepad.

I want to make my character shoot or aim at + and - 45 degrees to the left, right, up and down using only the gamepad’s directional movement control with a aim button (like LT + directional button to aim and X to shoot)

The question seems to be simple, but the answer just doesn’t exist!

I need your help and thanks so much for the time wasted to give a little attention to my task!

That must be his projectile spawn location