Sidescroller - Move further back to go up stairs

Hey everyone. So been working on a little game for the past year nearly now on and off. Went from 3D to a Sidescroller due to a design change. Anyway I’ve come across a roadblock which I cant overcome.

Heres a picture for reference.

How would I get the character to move up the stairs that are behind him and out of the movement area when the character is near to the stairs and by pressing “E”.

I’ve had an idea about how to do this which is to create a spline and have the character follow it on button press within the trigger radius? Would that be the best way to achieve this? What obstacles would I need to overcome?

Just a crack at that! How about trigger box at the both entry points of the stairs then use a spline for movement? Since this is going to be a sidescroller, i would imagine having a trigger covering both the entry point of the stairs and the “common” passage.

Triggering a custom key within the confine of the trigger would enable the character to walk up and off the stairs. I would foresee some issues if this is going to be used in action game if NPCs are going to zap or chase around the player.

Ah good insight! Thanks I’ve nearly got it working! Fingers crossed.