Sidescroller Chase Scene Challenge

My team and I would like to share a school project that we had to complete in a span of 7 weeks. This project was made at National Art and Design (NAD) center in Montreal Canada.

Our goal was to create a side scroller depicting an atmospheric fantasy setting involving mysterious beings. We had a great learning experience using Unreal Engine 4 for the first time on a large project, and we would love to have your feedback.

Enjoy :slight_smile: !

Alexandre Grenier-Marcil
Edwin Jang
Florin Popescu
Jahanzaib Chughtai
Moize Opel
Raphael Nadeau
Thierry De Haerne-Voinson

Wow! That’s all I can say. You guys have produced some amazing work right there! Very inspiring. The music, graphics, pacing, everything was spot on! The ending gave me a fright, I wasn’t expecting that! lol

Awesome work ! I really liked how the music really added to the level of suspense when the creature is chasing you down. Keep up the great work! Have a great day!

I hope you guys received a great mark for it. Looks amazing - love the fabric.

Woow! That is fantastic!

Very good job! During the whole video it feels like “hey now it’s going to give the control to the player” hahaha.

fantastic work

Fantastic work ! Very beautiful ! Only Blueprint or some C++ ?

The bleak winter atmosphere really adds to the suspense. Has a dream-nightmarish feel -This is great work!