Sidescroller Character

Why does the sidescroller tutorial starter character turn to face new direction when moving left and right with only a input Moveright tied to the Add input movement node? I created a new character and have all of the animations and movement right but the character only faces one direction. Everything seems to be set the same way as the tutorial character. I have found help that solves this problem but why does the tutorial do it without additional “code” in the blueprint?

Hello DocSkyHawk,

You will need to go into your project settings > input > and setup your “Axis Mappings”. If you look inside of the tutorial project that you are basing your project off of you will see how they have theirs setup. You will notice that the axis mapping will have a 1 and a -1. I hope that this helps.



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Thank you Rudy for the response. Here is how I have them setup. The movement is okay, it just isn’t turning the character around like the tutorial.