Sidescroller aiming with gamepad stick

So I have an idea where my character should start aiming reversed direction of stick pull, and on stick release it shots.
For example, its show in picture, where red arrow is direction of shoot if I release the stick.
How do I recreate that? First I was guessing getting X and Y axis, but I don’t really understand what to do next with sidescroller

set boolean once axis value is > 0, also set float variable of axis value, reverse by multiply -1 to get opposite direction
if boolean is true and if axis value is 0 again (another boolean), fire shot

directions can be accurately measured with atan2 (degree) node, if you want it to be like that

I changed my realization a little bit, just trying to get right spawn of projectile before doing anything else

Here is how I did the reverse aiming with the gamepad stick, can anyone help with spawning projectile instead of trace line?
Spawning actor requires spawn location, which is known, and spawn rotation. I don’t get what do I make rotation from.