Sidescroler Character mouse click to move

hi i try to create a sidescroler 3d character what will move with arrow/adsw keys but also when i click somewhere on screen lets say top left the character will go towards to that place aka left of the screen… so far i made it to see the mouse pointer on my screen and also to make him move using the top down example But had to trick the nav mesh volume scale depth so he wont go inside and outside from the axis i want to move… Y in this case
Problem is that my character moves only if i click on a object in same line of sight with it and second after moving left or right 1-2 times character starts to move weird like really slow or going back to last mouse location
i think my that the way i make it is completely well or partialy wrong not sure but searching couldnt find any other guide to help me archieve the result i want …
any help is welcome !! :smiley:
thanks in advance

No one can help me Please ?

Nothing no direction even where i can look at ?

If I’m understanding you properly, you may want to look at your character movement component. I’m doing something similar (limited success so far), but I’ve found that constraining the movement component to a custom plane/axis is fairly effective. Otherwise, I’d think you would need to isolate out the values of the vectors you’re trying to move along and only feed them into the move event.