Side Scroller World Wrapping

Hi All,

I’m developing a 2.5D local multiplayer framework for my game design students.

The twist is that the screen the game will be played on a completely cylindrical, 8000x1000 pixels. My college has a “Shared VR” Igloo and would like me to implement it into my curriculum. it’s more of a 360-degree cinema though in my opinion.

I have created a blueprint that stitches orthographic multiple 2D capture actors in a line so that the array of projectors can wrap the screen around.

With this system, the world is 2D and then wrapped around you by the “Screen”.

My question is:

To make the world “360 degrees” I need the character to appear back at the start of the world when it crosses the endpoint SMOOTHLY, How could I do this?

I could do a teleport but is there a way to have a transition to the world appear seamless. and the canvas is seamless too. so ideally the character could be half at the end and half at the beginning if stood in that precise location.

Think like a very large Super Mario bro’s multiplayer level.


If more information is required please let me know.

Thank you.

It’s my understanding that this is traditionally done by replicating the actors offscreen and then syncing their movements with their onscreen twins.

Does anyone have any examples of this being done in 3D in Unreal though?