Side Scroller Template Trigger

Hi, I have a question,

i have scripted some elements on Blueprint on the The ThirdPerson template like life of ennemies, bullets, all works wonderfully.

But on the Side Scroller template, I have tried to script some very basics thinks like when you are on the trigger, you see a text, and, i don’t know why, when it’s a trigger that does not work

I have try to make a trigger with exactly the same thinks on my third person template and that works!

When I said Trigger it can be a “Box Trigger” or just a box on a Blueprint class.

This is the screenshoot :

So why i try to script some elements whith trigger on Side Scroller template that does not work?

Thanks You :slight_smile:

Hop sorry, i have the solution, just check on Character Blueprint Generate Overlap Events checked on the Defaults