Side Scroller - Sprite Animation Jittering

Hello everyone! I’m making a 3d side scroller with 2d animated sprites for characters and have a problem with the enemies walk animations. Whenever they move animations appear to have shaking / jittering and you can especially see it at their legs. It seems like there is more shaking at the lower portion of the sprite. Any ideas what could be causing this?

As a test I made a new character from scratch that only has one sprite playing(walking animation) and pawn sensing the player. What’s interesting is that while that test character is moving towards player the shaking/jittering is there. But when it gets to the player and no longer moves the animation no longer jitters(while the walking sprite is still playing since I only used 1 flipbook for that test). Can this be caused by “AI Move To” node that is activated on OnSeePawn (Pawn Sensing) ? I’ve tried a lot of different things I’ve found from other people’s similar problem(axis constraints, different UE4 versions, making the nav mesh very narrow, setting sprite rotation on event ticks, orthographic camera, replacing AI move with simple Move to) and nothing helped… Could this be a bug? Pleeease help and thanks a lot in advance!! :slight_smile:

Also, been having this issue in any UE4 version since 4.8. Anyone else is experiencing this? Thanks!


Hey! I know this post is 4 years old however I had the same problem recently and the source of mine specifically was the anti-aliasing settings, when set to temporalaa it causes this problem, however all you have to do to fix it is change the anti-aliasing to fxaa or sxaa or even turn it off if that’s your jam.