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Hey everyone. I’m working on a side scrolling stealth game that I hope to turn into a prototype to get funding some day. It’s set in the future and has a cyberpunk look. Currently, I’m in the early stages but I have some basic functionality working. I’m an artist and have taken the demo about as far as I can, so I’m looking to enlist some help, mainly on the Blueprint side (or coding if that’s what it needs). Anyone who would like to get some experience is more than welcome to help out, but I can’t offer any compensation on the project unfortunately. If the project gets funding, whomever is working on it at that time, we will discuss compensation, but I can’t make promises at the moment.

Here’s a link to the video:

Currently, I need:

Enemy AI system: I have a basic AI system setup where the guards patrol, chase on sight, then resume their patrol when the player is out of their sight. I would like to build on the current system and add more functionality such as a cover system. This will be a stealth game with some fighting. The player will not have a gun but the enemies will, so implementing a system where the player can take out the guards in a quiet/non-lethal way is important. Also, the player will have gadgets he can use for hacking into computers, terminals, and keypads. The player will have objects he can use to distract and confuse the enemies as well.

UI: I need a UI and an inventory system. The player will need to pick up items and use gadgets to get through the game.

Exterior to Interior transition: Currently when you enter a building the exterior facade disappears and shows you inside the building. Eventually, I’d like to set it up where the interior is in a different level that gets loaded when you enter a door or window.

If you have knowledge of any of the things I mentioned above, please feel free to e-mail me at [EMAIL=“”] Or if you watch the demo and have any suggestions, I’d still like to hear from you.

Thanks for your patience!


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