Side Scroller 180 turn animations


I am an animator new to Unreal Engine.
I am playing around with the side scroller template, following some tutorials as well.

What I can’t figure out is:

  • I have the idle, walk, run, jump working.

  • I need a turn animation from the spot/idle. By that i mean I want to put an actual animation when I go left or right 180(gamepad/keyboard) with the character. And **NOT **just snapping him in the opposite direction or just roating him gradually like it’s in the template right now.

After this, of course I would like to add 180 turns based on velocity (from walk , run). But one thing at a time.

Anybody here kind enough to help me with this. At least point me in the right direction.
Would really appreciate it!. And hopefully return the favor one day:).

A good example of what I want is the locomtion from the game : INSIDE

Thank you