Side Program to manage visual scripts (blueprintS)

Hey UE4 community!

My name is Arthur, i’m 23 years and I come from France. I’m new to UE4 dev. but working hard learning about it.

As I was building up some projects, following tutorials and reading the forum I came up with an idea and I wanted to know if it has already been done or not, so here is the main idea:

As a newbie to UE4 blueprints, and after a few weeks learning how to work with visual scripts (wich is awesome by the way) I badly wanted to know if there was a way to manage a library of visual scripts (and not the blueprints that are containing them, or if you will to, then why not) OUTSIDE of the UE4 engine.
I searched the forum and the web but didn’t find anything that was related to this.

The main thing would be to be able to manage my little boxes in a side program (just as you manage your UE4 vault on the launcher, or your projects) to acces all kind of visual script you designed without having to launch project to acces them. It would only be a storage facility like folders divided into grids where I copy/paste things I want to remember or save for futur uses.

I am way not experience enought to design such a thing but please, tell me your thoughts about it, would appreciate very much.

Have a great day!

Well there wouldn’t be direct integration, but you can select a bunch of nodes and copy them and you can actually paste that into something like a text file. What’s more, you can use this site the same way you would something like pastebin - and here is a link to an example

If you don’t need the visuals though you can make text files to store one or more nodes, just name the files accordingly. I dunno if this is what you mean or not

Oh well thank you for the reply!

That is actually what I meant but i’m not sure it does achieve it the same way. However it’s enought for me :smiley:

I guess this topic is closed then.