Sickle Mod for Fiber

The Epic Sickle

All done can be added here:

Hope you enjoy

I believe, dont quote me i might be wrong, but you need to set up a custom harvest emitter for it. Also how did you get the plants and stuff into the test map?

Im Just starting to mess with the AttackHarvestComponent Blueprint, ill let you know what all needs.

I used the great tutorial on YouTube by Brick Whut :

I have been playing around with that and also the seedemitter and the SeedHarvestComponent any break through would be appreciated though I am going to switch gears and start to make the final mesh asset.

In case anyone was wondering about the process I used to bring in this asset to the Ark Dev Kit I made a video on it. Hope this helps with getting a test model in.

[video]Custom models for the Ark Dev Kit - Import Export - YouTube

I tried to do this. But failed misserably. It seems that use harvest objects can’t be attacked by weapons. And I couldn’t find option to make weapons melee damage to harvest usable.(There is such option for dinos.

I think if that would be the case flip it around and think of the object as a “picker” instead of a weapon that way the animations are kept but your not trying to damage the plant. I have yet to get back in and play with it some more with work I usually don’t have to much free time until the weekend but if I get any progress I will update this right away.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this is going to progress!!

I had a chance to watch the video tutorial you did , and it really helped a lot. I noticed several minor things, like settings i hadn’t know to activate/deactivate, as well as one major workflow mistake. I thought I had to import the mesh from inside the duplicated rig. It also cleared out many frustrations, and my first new weapon is in and animating properly. Thank you for sharing your workflow, I certainly appreciate it. :slight_smile:

That is great to hear, glad it is going smoothly for you. :o Ego Boost

Have you had any success with getting it to collect fiber yet?

I have it now set to be able to collect fiber with it in your hands using the swing montage animation. It still collects wood however I believe the reason for this is due to me using the hatchet blueprint as a base and making a child it always goes back to the parent. That is where I am right now so it does collect fiber but it also collect the same resources as the hatchet.

Friggin man!!!

More than likely that’s because you subclassed the damage type component of the Hatchet, as that inherits the properties of the parent giving it the ability to harvest Wood as well as Fiber.

I may have a fix to prevent it from collecting wood but i’m at work right now and can’t remember the name of the components you need to modify off the top of my head. But it goes with what cwm33 is saying about the damage type component.

I was going to try to tell you by memory but that’s probably a horrible idea the dev kit is confusing enough. When I get home ill look at the fields so I can give better details on what you can try.

That would be excellent

You are completely right I was making children of the modified blueprints when i should be creating unique entities for the mod itself, I noticed this last night, my work flow has been backwards.

But it’s so hard to not try the easy way first…

You’ll get it done in no time man!

Thanks for all the support. More on the creative side I added the icon today from my concept.

Final one will of course be 256x256 but for the post why not go big