Sibo Game

This is a game I’m making for my girlfriend sibo. She doesn’t like video games very much so I figured if I brought in our house and places we’re familiar with it would be more engaging to her. I’m not experienced with 3 modeling or game design so I’m learning everything as I go. Also, the picture I generated teh main character from is old and bad so shouldn’t look so bad in the final product.

The plan at this point is to integrate some school yard style mini games around the map like a game of tag, maybe some rudimentary racing, fetch quests that involve looking in real world locations to solve game puzzles, and things like that. I’m obviously still very early, but have many of the systems I feel I will need ready already. You can press T to get tiny and B to get big again. Pressing R will increase your walk speed and jump height. Will probably implement the shrink grow mechanic as potions or other consumeable object.

Not sure if this branch of the forum is the best place to ask questions, but the 2 biggests ones i have right now are what am easy way to implement an “it” in a game of tag. and also how to make blocking volumes that would stop the balls I have attached to the cable component for my rope door, but not the player character. Or just a better way to implement a rope door.

Thanks for any opinions or advice you all might have.
Updated video with pick up and drop physics handle objects. Implementing an inventory system soon.