SI units (meters)

It’s possible to configure editor to use meters instead of centimeters? Centimeters doesn’t make sense for anything (I program pysical models, so I’am thinking in SI units, which are essential).

Theoretically, it is my choice, how 1 egine unit will be interpreted in game. But in practice, there is lot of places, where centimeters are set (physical settings, editor camera near/far, …and I’am affraid of fixed code constants in effects, etc…).

Is there any workaround to change centimeters to meters?

You can dimension the physical models you work on using meter as the smallest unit of measurement? Seems pretty granular.

Sorry, I don’t understand. We have floating point numbers, so even if I use meters as base unit, I can measure centimeters, milimeters…as decimal numbers :-). Of course, I can use default centimeters as base unit same way, but meters are good convention, because all formulas and tabular data are expresed in meters (SI units). It is more resistant to mistakes and easier to imagine.

So, do You have any idea? :slight_smile:

OK, I will use centimeters, even if it is stupid… But when I import my metric model with scale factor 100, it is still unusable with Unreal Editor! Collision objects created in Physical Asset Tool can’t be moved by mouse, because gizmos are much sensitive :frowning:

It seems, like fbx importer silently stores some scale, instead of scaling vertices directly. Why???
Unfortunatelly, the model is aircraft with 50 nodes with complex hierarchy, which can’t be re-scaled in 3DS Max easily. And I have more models like that :frowning:

Well ultimately the engine relies on a discrete coordinate system. If I have a two-dimensional grid, and I arbitrarily decide that the distance between points on the grid is 1 meter, then I can’t place two points on that grid that are, say, 1.5 meters apart. So the finest level of detail I could get in that coordinate system would be one meter. Unreal’s default is 1 uu == 1 cm, which means you can’t locate anything less than a centimeter away from something else in the world, but probably nobody wants to do that. The typical approach is to use a smaller unit and convert where needed for display purposes.

Your argument seems to make sense. Just one note: I worked in game industry since year 2005 as engine programmer and I have experience with different engines including AAA engine (Mafia II game). I must say, this “units restriction” must be some Unreal speciality :slight_smile:

But I don’t want to be negativistic, I can live with centimeters for now…:slight_smile:

At the earliest, I must force Physical Asset Tool to accept my aircraft models.

Has anyone found a solution?

Technically, this is true for the pivots. If you place the pivot off grid before you export, the pivot will snap in Ue4, but the object itself will be off… :wink:
Oh, and I agree, centimeter is in this case the better choice. And Im usually a profound metric afficionado :slight_smile:
(Imagine Unreal dealing in foot, inch or rods :rolleyes: )

Unfortunately, not. I think, the best solution is suffer from it. You must rescale models in 3D editor - not only simple scale them, but bake scale to all vertices.

In additon to, Units are inconsitent and are taboo in documentation. What a pity!