Si-Fi FPS RPG MMO Looking for collaborators and talent.

Project Title:
Project UJ


The discovery of time travel has changed the world forever. It started a new way of life for people, learning the possibility of new universes that would be created after jumping through time. When the tech came to the public people they went back in time creating alternate universes that would cater to their needs, and then bring them to the original timeline. People suddenly became instant millionaires destroying the economy taking down the currency system. Bringing out new age. The Age of Power and Time. The more universes you created and held the more powerful you were seen by peers. Now time has collided with our world leaving uncontrollable changes to the environment around us. Places suddenly changing to different era’s in time.


  • Time portals
  • Magic
  • Time Period changing terrain
  • First Person Shooter
  • Class Systems
  • Tense Fighting mechanics
  • Tense location changes.

Team Structure**:**
Justice (Its Insain) Project Creator, Level Designer
Been using Ue4 on and off for the last 5 years.

Talent Required:
3D Character Artist

  • Creating Character Models (High Res preferred)
  • Rigging (if you can)
  • Animating (if you can)

Concept Artist

  • Creating concepts for Character Artists and Environment Artists

Environment Artist and Level Designer

  • Help with level design
  • create level props
  • adding elements to scenes
  • Help with lighting scenes.


  • Help me come up with the story of the game and character paths.
  • Share ideas and concepts.

Programmers Blueprint or C++ (Still in concept development)

  • Knowledge of any sort of programming games, websites anything we might need down the road.
  • Creating Class systems
  • Weapon Handling

Any other talents or positions I have missed are available just contact me if you have any interest.

Skype: Thebeastgamers14
Discord: Its Insain#8888
Discord Server:

Still looking for help if anyone wants to please message me on discord.
Discord: Its Insain#8888
Discord Server:

Do you have any progress for us (screenshots, videos?), How about a GDD, server for youre MMO and source control and so on? Also you might wanna explain more about the team, because otherwise people have to assume you are working alone on you’re immense RPG MMO.

Thanks, Jakatak. Those are some great questions. To be honest, as this is a hobby game my time spent on the project has been few and far between and now with this whole covid-19 situation I suddenly have free time to work on my project, I am still learning how to really make games and I probably should really be working on building my skills than to be jumping right to this ambitious of an idea. As for the team, I do have people who have been interested in helping and haven’t really asked them individually about adding them to my post. I am still currently in my concept stage. As for servers and source control, one of the people who has been interested in helping me has helped set up source control with tortoise and bitbucket. For the servers, I was trying to keep it local during development while still keeping it in mind for when we finally get to the stage to make sure we have proper servers setup. I am starting to do my level blocking on one of the levels and have made a concept map for the world.

I added you… on discord