shutterspeed v frame rate

Frame rate v shutter speed 09-21-2019, 04:27 PM
In my quest for a smoother animation I recently read that the cameras shutter speed should generally be double the recorded frame rate.

This is is something I have never considered and wondered if anyone has experience of this?

Also does lowering the default motion blur contribute to a smoother sequence?


thats sort of the general rule, well at least when it comes to real world and offline render based 3d motion blurs.

however this is ue and the motion blur here is a post process, and so the settings could be set constant at the default 0.5 sort of meant to simulate 180 shutter angle regardless fps. i hace noticed the mblur in ue is usually too much for a given standard fps. I have found myself either reducing it to 0.25 to better visualize 180 or turning it off entirely given it smears a lot especially on transparent layers and in forward rendering producing artifacts.