Hello all!

After almost a year of (totally doing other things) I’ve revisited my Mushroom scene and optimised and added new assets to create a VR experiance that has actually caused people to drool! (this might actually be indicative of a more severe problem not related to my VR experience)

I am currently working on getting this into steam for a small cost (couple dollars most likely to cover the cost of buying my own VR setup - borrowed currently)
There are plans and sketches for taking this to the next level, a whole mini island, more mushrooms, more funky glowy things, reactive mushrooms and psychedelic sounds that shift as you move around and touch stuff!.

(about to be updated)


I’m also interested in talking to people who have time to help (level designers, programmers, lighting and whatever else I have missed)

I like the whole scene , going to be amazing piece of work … good job mate .

Nice wallpapers :slight_smile:

Onedrive link

Mistakes were made!


(Coding is not my strong suite LOL)