Shrine of the Dragon King

This was a project for my level design class that I just completed. I had the time to package it up with an installer. Give it a whirl if you are interested, I’d love feedback. I’ve posted some screenshots and video links below.

Right click and “save as” to download. This is a zip file, just extract it and run the installer. There is an uninstaller bundled with it so you can uninstall just like any normal program. A couple things before you try it:
Windows only (tested on windows 7)
I highly recommend an Nvidia GTX 660 Graphics card or better
File is 152 Mbs

WASD for movement
Mouse for look
Tap F to enter “flying mode”
Control elevation with “E” key and “Q” Keys
Tap G to return to “walking mode”
Esc to exit the game



I love the colors, very vibrant. Nice work. =)

The stills are super, but the video lacks the same sharpness, clarity… Is it due to fog, downscaling, something else…???
Basically the scene feels claustrophobic and quite different from what the images imply IMHO.
Don’t have time to test-drive the game right now, but as a comparison check out the vividness of this video here: