Showreel Unreal; my first three months so far

This is a compilation of work I did in Unreal engine for the last three months. Started with no experience at all, loving it more and more every day.

I can’t believe this has been up for a month and nobody has commented. Perhaps it’s the lack of guns. :wink: So I’m going to make it my first post on the forum to put things right.

Very nice work Wilbert, you’ve obviously got experience outside of Unreal but i just had to comment to say how good your use of light is. If somebody was to post an FPS with lighting that good on here I’m sure everybody would be jumping in to say how nice it looks.

Thanks Steve, very kind words. I would’ve thought that an atomic explosion in the beginning would compensate the lack of guns :wink: I find this forum to be pretty quite in general. I try to contribute as much as possible but a lot of the time there are no replies. Anyways, I’ll just keep posting :slight_smile:

Such a spectrum of brilliant work in this reel, Wilbert! I hope you’re proud of what you have accomplished here. I can’t even remember what I did in the first three months of using the Engine, but I tell you what- it wasn’t as smooth and complete as this!

What has been the most enjoyable part of experimenting with Unreal Engine, and perhaps, what would be something that could have been a better experience? :slight_smile:

Thanks man, really appreciate this. I think what I enjoy the most is the sheer amount of performance and feedback you get with Unreal. From animation to rendering everything is so fast and fluent while iterating. What I found to be the most difficult is the change in mindset from rendering to realtime. With corona I know my way around and I could throw everything at it and it would still render. Here with Unreal you need to be more thoughtful of what you are trying to achieve.