ShowMouseCursor = true, ok, but what about mouse sensitivity ? (ex for :FindLookAtRotation)

Hi !
I want to adjust the mouse sensitivity in my game (not only in the editor), like in HUD, or just ingame if i want to use FindLookAtRotation()

i cannot find ANYTHING about how to change/deal with raw mouse inputs that are coming into unreal, i know how to change de cursor itself to a png, but nothing else.

(I know how to change it for moving camera, by multiplying input * sensitivity, but for the mouse itself, there’s no place to do that)

Thanks for you help ! :slight_smile:

You can set this values from player controler: InputPitchScale, InputYawScale

Hi !

I’ve tried to change these values, but it doesnt change my mouse sensivity, it seems to only taking the raw input from my Windows/Mouse software and doesnt change within the editor if the mouse cursor is set to visible (ShowMouseCursor to true)

I’ve tried to put the InputPitchScale & InputYawScale to 0, -1.5 or 50, my sensivity’s still the same, with my DPI Settings

But thanks for helping me, :slight_smile:
do you have another idea ?

bump !