ShowMouseCursor (true) Not Working

Hello, I am setting up a 3rd person placement system and after clicking on what “building” you want to place, I would like to show the mouse cursor so that you can see where you are going to place the building.

Here is the code for opening and closing the inventory as I didnt know why the cursor and widget are removed after clicking on a button

You release the trigger, remove the widget and hide the cursor. How else is this supposed to work…

It may the case of you giving the widget focus - when this happens the PC no longer knows what’s happening to the input and Releases. Disconnect released for now, does it work better?

Ok I found out the problem. When you make your selection the widget and cursor are removed, then when you release the tab key, the code in the picture executes again so the cursor is then removed again.

So now the problem is, when I go to select a spot to place the building, I have to double click as if the window is not in focus.