Showing the cursor limits camera rotation

Hey everyone, thanks in advance for the help!

I have a game made with blueprint where when the you left click, a widget visibility is changed to visible and the mouse cursor shows up. While in the menu, camera control and character movement are disabled. If you then right click, the widget is set to hidden, the mouse cursor is also hidden and camera control and character movement are enabled.

The problem is that after you right click to hide the menu, the camera does not rotate 360 degrees anymore. You can rotate it completely when you start the game, before you toggle the menu for the first time. Then the camera gets “stuck” in one direction and you can rotate for more or less 300 degrees.

The camera is attached to the player through a spring arm and camera rotation works flawlessly before you toggle the menu.

Anyone knows why that could be happening?
Thanks again!

Edit: I found out that when the camera is “stuck” if I right click again the camera gets fixed and can rotate normally again. Here is a screenshot of what happens with the right and left click. Interact is the left click and Cancel is the right click.