showing text variable on Details panel

I manage to show text when my player touch object. but i need to change text showing from my details panel
any tutorial will help.guys.

give the Actor a Text Variable and set it as editable. This will make the variable be shown in the detail Tab of the editor.
Expose on spawn would be good, if you want to change the text directly at SpawnActorByClass.

I did create text Variable. but still not showing in the detail tab. I think is something to do with Bind.

I know two ways of setting a text in a **widget **:

  • Binding the text to a function, you then change the variable setting the text.
  • Make the TextBlock variable by checking the box right after its name and using the node “SetText(Text)”.

If You’re using a TextRender Component, just grab it and SetText.

Yes you right. but my question was display it on detail tab. any way i did fix it