Showing our latest work

Just for fun I thought we would show some of our architecture real-time work; an interior of our Revit modeled Viking Stadium. It also has a complete downtown Minneapolis City Model for surrounding context … It’s 16 Revit files input into 3DS MAX and then painstakingly input into Unreal 4 (4.3) …


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This Stadium looks awesome, great work!

Howdy Mrcamper,

Great work on the modeling of the Vikings stadium, even though it is the Vikings (Just Kidding :p). The architecture of the stadium looks awesome and very well done. I always think that it is the little things that can make a project stand out. Just being able to see the building outside through the windows and the picture of the Vikings on the Jumbo-tron, makes this project really stand out. I hope to see more projects that you create in the future. Keep up the fantastic work!

Have a great day!

Wow! Looks amazing!

I’m also trying to do a revit>ue4 workflow, but unlike you don’t quite know what I’m doing. Any chance of you giving us a workflow snapshot? I myself don’t know much about materials/texture/lightmaps/uv/. So Id be interested to see how you went about that. I’ve had errors with ''invalid material faces being forced to 0" and “invalid lightmaps” (straight from revit to ue4)

Again, great work!

Nice work. I’m also interested to know a little about your revit to ue4 pipeline. In the past I’ve had to cluster and refine chunks of the building/scene, but wonder if there is a better approach. Did you instantiate the chairs or trusses, or did you end up bringing in sections at a time to improve frame rate or light mapping?

The render looks awsome. What issued did you run into when importing from revit to 3dsmax to UDK4. Was it the use of textures or a combination of the models.


The painstaking work really paid off in the form of a photo realistic stadium! Next, would love to see some fans in the stands and some players on the field!

As a fan of the vikings all I can say is, Rock on and Skol!

[QUOTE=It’s 16 Revit files input into 3DS MAX and then painstakingly input into Unreal 4 (4.3) …[/QUOTE]

I keep reading people being able to do this, even though its so called hard, why the hell cant someone just explain the **** process?