Showing Game to Outside World

I started a website to showcase my video game development endeavors. I am trying to link a little game I created in Unreal Engine 4, to some text on the website, using HTML 5. I put this link to link to the text, “”, but it does not seem to connect. “” is my IP address, and the localhost shown in the HTML5LaunchHelper.exe file shows the port to be 8000 for the little game. Am I linking it right?

I know that when I run the game locally on my machine by linking that same webpage text to this link instead, “http://localhost:8000/MyFirstShooter-HTML5-Shipping.html”, it seems to work, at least when I click the webpage link from my own computer. I notice that I need to have a command file open called HTML5LaunchHelper.exe, in order for me to run the game locally, when I click that link from my own computer. If I close the HTML5LaunchHelper.exe file, the link no longer connects to the game.

Do you have any idea why I am not able to connect the game file to the outside world, using my IP address, and port 80? Am I supposed to have some web server running, with the HTML5LaunchHelper.exe file constantly on, instead of turned off? Or is there an easier solution?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Considering your IP is “”, try link as