Showing functions in Details panel

I’m migrating my game from Unity, and I’m having a trouble showing a function in details Panel.
I wanna have a field in details panel that I can select a Blueprint Class and then select a function of this Blueprint class to execute

I have a Blueprint Class called InteractableActorBP. In that Blueprint I need something like a editable variable in details panel, but instead of designate a value like Float, Boolean or String, it needs to reference a function of another Blueprint

In Unity I was using a public UnityEvent to create a field in the Inspector panel, so then I could select a function and execute

There is no such thing in Unreal as far as I know. But to be honest, there is no need for this at all. If you want to call a function in another blueprint, just get a reference to it and call the function. How you get the reference is really up to you.

  • For example, suppose you use LineTraceByChannel (raycast) and hit an actor. You can cast this actor into InteractableActorBP, if it succeeds you can drag out from the “As InteractableActorBP” and call the function or event you want. More info on casting]