Showing collected objects at the end of every level

I’m trying to get my collected objects to display at the end of every level. Example: collect 3 stars to move on to the next level. At the end of every level, I want to display how many objects were collected. Like show the actual object and not just the string score. If the player didn’t collect the objects they stay faded and if they collect them, then they fill in or show the actual object.(if that makes sense) like super Mario 64. You collect stars and if they collected them, it showed them and if not, the star remained grey.

Can I do this all in prints? Or do I need to make a new level and display that level at the end of each game level? If there are any tutorials on this, let me know. Any help is welcome!


You just need to add collected objects to an array of collectibles items variable and use this at the end.