Showing and Saving Highscore

Hey guys I am a bit confused on the set-up of showing and saving the player high score. I have made a blueprint save game file with a int variable of Highscore. In my level blueprint I have set up the save game nodes which all link back to blueprint save game, but how do I link this with my score blueprint and showing the new score.

This is in my Blueprint Level Script

This is my Character Script


Finally, this is my Score Script

Im just a bit lost on where everything should be and how to show it

The same way you already got your Score BP. Get all Actors of Class, Cast it to the Score class, get the Score Variable from the return value and set the HighScore Variable of your SaveGameBP before saving the Object.

If you want to load it, get the ScoreBP again, Cast it and this time Set the Score Variable. The Value you take is the one from your Loaded SaveGame.

sorry its been long, but where is the best place to put this, in the character blueprint or level blue print