ShowDebug Vehicle not available?

I am trying to follow through the intro to vehicles tutorial series here:

In the second video the presenter uses the console command “ShowDebug Vehicle” to show various stats of the vehicles performance like RPM, speed, torque etc.

For some reason I cannot find this command in the console to display these stats for myself (and yes I can access the console, all of the other ShowDebug options are available), which is making tuning my vehicle much harder as I cannot see what’s happening under the hood. I could, and will eventually have to, setup a custom system to keep track of and display all of these things but as I am only in the very early concept stages I am hoping that there is still a way to show this as an actual engine feature. I would be very disappointed if Epic decided to remove such an obviously useful command since the video was made.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

It doesn’t show but if you type it in correctly it will work, open the console and type in: showdebug vehicle

typing showdebug vehicle in console isnt bringing up vehicles debug in ue4.18.3 . any fix for this?? im not using the wheeled vehicle class instead im using a pawn class which indeed works better an so far hasnt flown into the air or done any weird ■■■■. So as far as im concerned pawn class equals stable. Anyway getting back to the question i need the showdebug vehicle to is there a fix/workaround.

for me

Dude i typed it correctly, it worked in other builds but not on 4.18.3

Well since the guys at unreal cant answer, here’s a heads up, First of all ShowDebug will not show up in the command console, Second if your base class is “Pawn” it will not show up. but if you change its default class to “WheeledVehicle” it will definately work. It seems to be codeded into the “WheeledVehicle” Class. the only other workaround for Debuging would be to create your own. Hope This Helped out.