ShowDebug Vehicle Missing?

I saw a tutorial that used “showdebug vehicle” and it seemed incredibly helpful; however, I cannot get it to display. Was it removed in an earlier version of UE? Under a new name?

I believe they removed this feature. For anyone curious, I just displayed the RPMs and whatever else I could get from VehicleMovement to the Output Log.

They didnt get rid of it, you have to type the command in whilst ypou are running the program

It doesn’t show but if you type it in correctly it will work, open the console and type in: showdebug vehicle

It does not seem to work in the pawn based vehicle. It does work for the VehicleMovement based vehicle. You must be in the vehicle for it to work.
I have tried both vehicles but I have not managed to get the pawn based one to replicate. Any thoughts on this?

If you are following Vehicles: Top Speed & Acceleration | 02 | v4.2 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube this tutorial, just change the parent class from wheeled vehicle to actor and change it back to wheeled vehicle in quick succession. Just add a skeletal mesh and other settings like before. It works.