ShowDebug Animation is very hard to use in UE5 with the new mannequin pose curves

This is something that has been bugging me recently in UE 5. The new mannequin comes with a huge amount of curves for all the corrective poses.

This kindof pollutes the normal character animation flow. For example, this is what my showdebug animation window looks like now. This is normally essential for me to debug issues with my character animations, but it’s really hard to parse through the corrective pose curves, which happen to be 0 all the time when this is displayed. It could really help if this was a different type of curve maybe so it wouldn’t be considered the same thing as normal curves we’ve been working with since UE4?

In case anyone else has this problem, you can turn on/off parts of the anim debug with the command ShowDebugToggleSubCategory <option>. It has autocomplete options so you can see everything to turn on/off. To get rid of most of the debug info, do:
ShowDebugToggleSubCategory GRAPH
ShowDebugToggleSubCategory CURVES

My problem though is I want to see the Curves, but not the corrective pose curves. I usually have about 10 curves I actually care about.