[ShowCase] Shooter Game Made with C++

A **** Game [Name of “Game”]

This project was build upon the Section 5 Testing Ground Series from Unreal Udemy Course C++. I have changed a couple stuff from the last video of the series.

I have added things like:

** Completely different Weapon System (Own written in C++)*
** Different Shoot System , with recoil (There are Some buggs)*
** I Have build a Dropping system (key[G])*
** I Have build a Pickup system (key[E])*
** Made the user able to switch from TP to FP and the otherway around (key[T])*
** Different Weapon Meshes (NOT MINE, Its just for learning purposes so no problem I think)*
** Changed from Endless runner to a game with a Final Boss. (Pretty easy to switch back)*
** Some UI*
** Different levels and types of weapon also different types of enemies (with chest opening system.)*

After so many hours of content from this course I wanted to release something to the web. I also have spend a lot of time on the additional features listed above.

I try to feel how it is to publish a game so I also made an intro for this project (Bad but still watch) :

(In the clips I play in “Unlit Mode” you can not do this in game, Even I say so in game.(sorry))


This is NOT A FULL GAME even I promote it that way. Even it is not fully functional and complete I wanted to share what I got till now, because I wanted to kinda experience how it is to wrap up an project and “publish” it to the web. I would also like some feedback from u guys on what I could change and improve feel free.

Anyone Can download the project if he wants, there could be useful code in there for example the WeaponBase.cpp

I have used sourcetree but not in a good way , but I have commited the last version

Here is the repositories link:

If the repositorie on github doesn’t work fine you can download it

Directly from my Project folder: (.rar it’s a big file! ~8gb, NOT UPLOADED yet)

I hope I can improve myself on game development I got great ideas but executing them is very hard, but still I will do my best. So to be updated on what I do please subscribe and follow me and stuff