[Showcase] Created a Multi-Biome Open World landscape

Hi, I wanted to share with you a landscape that I’ve been working on for quite some time.
It is optimized to run at 60fps on my old Gtx 1650 mobile.
I hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:

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Looks awesome! Runs smooth and has no problems from what I can see in the video. Do you have further plans to do something with it? What landscape material method did you use?

Hi Presto,
I used PLE(Marketplace Asset) as a source for learning so some of the things are pretty similar.
For Further plans, I don’t think I can paint a large map with my current PC so I’ll leave it at that for now. It was more of a learning experience.

For the material, I used 6 Layer Blends for each biome+ A few materials that I wanted to use Globally, like Seabed, Caves and Wet Sand. For Each Biome Layer, I then used another layer blend for the materials so that,
A) I can blend slopes with different material for each Biome layer.
B) I can blend Far Texture to each biome differently.
Then I use custom noise textures to paint different layers.

I’ve tried some landscape materials, and so far it’s difficult to get the result I’ve intended. I’m simply trying to create one paintable layer as a rock surface (with variation using texture variation node and macro variation technique) and the other layer as a shiny version of the previous one. It either wouldn’t make the shiny layer paintable, or neither layer was showing up. Then I tried doing retopology, but didn’t know it wasn’t doable with landscape edit layers. Do you know how to bake down to one layer only, so retop is functional?

What kinds of games are you interested in making? or is it another line of work you’re getting into?

What type of Blending are you using for the 2 materials? In Landscape paint mode, Weight(Can be overridden) vs Non Weight(Can’t be overridden) both works differently than the blend mode in the material itself.
This video How to Paint Landscapes in Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube should get you started, When Confused use layer debug [ViewMode->Visualizers->LayerDebug] and then check different colors for both layers and see if it helps.

I love making Single Player games, mostly RPGs. I’m a programmer mainly but I do love environments as well and a bit of UMG.

I’ll try the tutorial. I used weight for every layer of the material, and also used weight for one and non-weight the other, and also non-weight for both. It was a different problem when using the latter two, wherein I couldn’t get one of the layers to paint. So, it was probably because I was using non-weight wrong with the material setup. Honestly, I think it could be an easier method designed for creating up to 2-3 layers in a landscape that are all paintable over one another. I understand for more layers it becomes more complex and/or the material setup needs to be changed for that.

I haven’t used the layer debug before. I’ll look up the docs on it and see how I can use it while I’m trying to correct things.

Are you interested in creating a multiplayer game at any time? My brother and I, and several others, are starting to discuss a new game concept for multiplayer (mainly 1v1 and probably 2v2) that’s based in an interactive physics magic premise, with spell creation and large maps.

There is not much that I know about network and replication. The game premise sounds really nice and something I would love to make but unfortunately I am already working on the current project and there isn’t much time to spare.

That’s understandable. Thanks for considering. If there’s time at any later point, and we’re still working on it, then perhaps we would request your help. It’s still in a beginning stage of things, and I wasn’t trying to pressure you into joining. I actually find myself doing a ton of learning and little to no actual developing. You might consider putting your landscape on the marketplace, maybe add a few unique aspects to it to establish the usability of it and such. The free content I’ve downloaded from the marketplace for landscapes is mostly examples, but if you can go beyond that in functionality somehow, it would probably sell alright at fairly low price.

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There is a marketplace Asset( PLE) which was my base for learning this landscape. Most of the tree assets are used from there and there are some of the methods there that I loved and used.