Show world space widget for specific player only in Split-screen?

Is it possible to draw 3D / worldspace widgets for a certain player only - working on a split-screen game. I’m trying to achieve something similar to the name tags in Rocket League, but I can’t just go ahead and add a World space widget component to each of my 4 players.

The two problems I’m facing:

  1. Each player would see their own nametag above their own character.
  2. Name tags of the other players should face the camera, but since I have essentially multiple cameras on the screen (4 player split-screen) I obviously have a problem.

I’ve seen this post from what it sounds like the OP did exactly what I want to achieve.


I might be able to help out with the second question.
When you use split-screen, as you mentioned, you basically create a camera for each player. You should be able to access that camera by getting the specific players’ PlayerController->CameraManager.
So when you create the widget, make sure it faces the specific players->playercontroller->“CameraLocation”.

Could you not achieve nr.1 using " **Add-To-Player-Screen" **As they mention in the forum link you sent?

Hey, thanks for the replies. I fixed my issue in another way. With creating multiple screen space widget components on each character and “assign” each player to one of those widgets.

Yes I can do that, though every player would still see the other 3D widgets above each character’s head, rotated wrongly (towards the other cameras).

I could not find a way to to add a 3D widgets to player screen, since it’s a widget actor component on my character, but I might be missing something since I’m not that far into UE yet.