Show where player can walk/move to...

When I place NavMesh volumes and press “P”, the green areas show where the AI can walk and can’t. That’s very neat. In a similar fashion, it would do wonders if there was a similar visual indicator of which areas can player go and can’t…For instance, sometimes you’d think you have block areas where you don’t want your players can go, but they find a way to squeeze though…

In any case, would be a neat future to see “walkable” areas of any level with a visual representation.

I don’t think it’s really viable to be built-in, as every game works differently. You can jump. You can double jump. Gravity is different, initial velocity is different, and there are like a hundred other settings, like air control, which affects just where the players can get. And then comes game elements, like elevators, forces, jumping on dynamic objects, etc.

Viewport viewmode button -> Player Collision

Thanks Damir, but I already know about Player Collision, I meant something like the nav mesh visualization,

you can create a Nav Agent in your project settings that represents your player in regards of Slope and Collision Size

How do I make sure that Nav Agent represents the player? I don’t see any settings for that.