Show Twitch Chat Ingame


I’m relativ new to Visual Scritping and C++, only worked wit Java and Discord until now.

So I hope my question doesn’t sound to stupid.

​​​I’m working on a Game wit a Plugin called Twitch Works from the marketplace.

I got the Plugin running and when I start the Game it connects to my Twitch account.
Trough the Plugin I can get my CHAT messages from my Viewers and can tell the username and his message apart trough the Plugin.

What I can’t get to work is to display it trough my CHAT widget.
I got a Scroll Boy and 2 Text Boxes for Username and Message. That should replicate and update every time a user sends a message. But I don’t know how I can change this text boxes from a blueprint.

Can somebody help?

Treid a approach today, i think i got the Username and Message from Twitch an converted in a text Format. Still don’t know hot i get it to change the [TwitchUserMessage] to show it.