Show Stamina Bar only to the Player When Value < 100


I’m trying to implement a Stamina Bar, and since I’m new I wonder how can I only show it when it is less than 100.

This here is what I tried but is completely wrong.

This is how I got the Stamina Bar working but it is shown the whole time:

Thanks in Advance.

In the umg of the stamina bar I would bind the visability. Make the code to branch two results of visible and hidden. However your value is held to know the value of stamina. For instance a float if < 0 visible other return is hidden.

I use bars like this in my game. It’s similar to how you bind the % of the bar to make it fill up.

Could you show me a Picture of how it would look like?


In the widget that has the stamina bar locate visibility and click the binding to create one

It should have the start and return

Add another return.

Set on to visible one to hidden.

Start–>get owner cast to player state-> get stamina-> stamina = 1 → branch → true leads to hidden false lead to visible return.

Can’t read your screen shots to know where your values are stored but that’s the idea.