Show Projectile in Weapon

This one has been driving me crazy for a little while.

I have a custom projectile for a weapon. Everything functions correctly.

I would like the projectile to show in the weapon when it’s loaded. I’ve specified the mesh everywhere, and checked the boxes for attachment, but it never shows the projectile.

Any tips? I feel like it’s something simple I’m missing?

Is this for a bow/crossbow, or for something else? It makes it much easier if we have just a little bit more detail.


Ahh… I have not worked with the slingshot yet, but I suspect you might be having a similar problem that I did with the arrow about 3 weeks ago. They had just recently opened up the ability to switch out the static mesh of the arrow in first person view, previously it was attached in the animations.

I believe you might be experiencing a similar situation, and if that is the case, you need to export the slingshot skeletal rig, and swap your mesh that way. I was unable to do this because I had an incompatible version of maya, and imports and exports continued to get erros.

Hmmm. That would explain why it’s not attaching the projectile to the mesh. I expected I would pick the rock socket, but that doesn’t work. If noone else has any other insight, I guess I’ll just let this one ride. :frowning: