Show projectile before firing

For my game I need the player to be able to see the projectile before its fired as the projectiles are colour coded so that when two projectiles of the same colour come into contact as a set of they destroy. I have no idea how to go about making this any help at all will be greatly appreciated.

Hey red-xiii-

Showing the projectile early would depend on how it is created and used. Assuming you are creating and “firing” the projectile on a click/press event, you may want to spawn it on the press and then actually “fire” on the release event. An idea of how your projectile functions would help determine how best to show it.


its a very basic fire on key press

Assuming your projectile its own blueprint, it does not exist to show prior to when it is being spawned by pressing spacebar. You could add the projectile to your character so that they are both visible together, then have a function inside your character blueprint that is called by the key press with whatever functionality is provided inside the projectile BP currently.

Hi red-xiii,

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