Show ortho camera frustum

Only one line showing the direction of the camera is shown in the editor when you select the camera.
It could be nice to show the camera frustum, just a box using line rendering.

Hi Alundra,

If you go under show>advanced in the viewport you can turn on camera frustrums. Is this what you were looking for?

It only shows one line which is the direction of the camera, no way to have a box using line rendering showing the ortho frustum, just a square on the near plane ? The goal is to help artists to place actors for levels when the camera is fixed.

I’m a bit confused. When I turn on camera frustrums in the show menu, this is what I get. Is this not what you are looking for? If not can you show me an image of what you are looking for so I can get a better understanding of the request? Thank you!


This is what I get too for “Perspective” but change your camera to “Orthographic” and you will only have one line which is the direction of the camera but not his frustum which is a box normally.

As of preview 3 this is what I’m seeing on my end. It looks like this may already be implemented into the engine.


Ok thanks, I will wait 4.8 is there to have the feature. On your screenshot I don’t see it as a box, is it normal since it’s an orthographic projection ?