Show Mouse Cursor Ruins Input?

Essentially I am wanting to make it so that only when the mouse is moved the turret will turn to look at mouse position. I am trying to check if the axis value is greater than 0 to do this. It works, but there is a catch. It only works if the mouse is hidden, but I cannot see my cursor to better see where I need my character to face… So I show the mouse cursor and now the mouse axis value never returns anything unless I press it down like it is a button and hold it… It is a axis mapping though…

Important cause I am trying to detect which input is used so I can properly swap between cursor and controller input. I need to see the cursor so I can properly aim at that direction… Top down twinstick style shooter with mouse/keyboard or controller.


It’s somehow interfered with by Mouse Capture. I’m having the same issue, where I need to show mouse cursor and select actors with it, but it doesn’t work unless I press RMB first to Capture, and then LMB to select. If I press LMB right away, the Mouse Capture kicks in, but it consumes this input, so selection doesn’t work.
I’ll stick around to see is someone can help.

Bump. Anyone? xD

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@Gore23 any luck in finding a solution?

I dont know where exactly you doing what, but to me - SetShowMouseCursor was not actual culprit, but Set Input Modes was.
Same might be for you, Input modes change mouse capture modes, and mouse capture modes enable/disable some input events from mouse position.