"Show Mouse Cursor" not working

For some reason i cant hide my Cursor after making it visible, also it disables every input.

I have two Blueprints, and only in one of them i can hide the Cursor after making it visible. (Both of them use the same setup to show/hide the cursor)

I have no idea what is going on, and i am unable to understand this - even with Google. (its weird, since the same setup works in another BP - both Widgets)

Any ideas whats going on there?

EDIT: The Cursor variable and the input-mode are both connected to “player controller”

EDIT2: It also disables the Input for the UI of the Editor (i can close the game only with the stop button in another window…)

EDIT3: Actually the Variable for the Cursor gets set to “0”, but the Cursor is still visible, and every input is “locked”.