Show mouse cursor in BP?

Hey everyone, I have this problem with the Set Show Mouse Cursor in Blueprints. I have a main menu level and I want to have the cursor for easy interaction but it doesn’t show up. I have a Event BeginPlay node in the level blueprint that connects with the Set Show Mouse Cursor (enabled) and Get Player Controller as target. What I am doing wrong?


Using the Third Person starter project I’m able to show the mouse cursor from within the level blueprint. Make sure you have checked the checkbox for “Show Mouse Cursor” on the node.

Are you seeing the issue when playing with multiple players? Dedicated server? Single player with no dedicated server?


I have it checked. It’s singleplayer only. I have it just like you. I build it with the project launcher and the cursor doesn’t appears

Maybe you see something I don’t

Another thing to note, I’m running UE4 4.14 and you reported the bug with UE4 4.12.

Maybe there’s a bug in your version of UE4 related to this. It might be worth making a copy of your project and converting it to UE4 4.14 and see if this issue persists.

But it works with the pause menu, but now with me main menu :I

Do you feel comfortable providing a download link to your project so I can take a look?

If we can avoid it…plus i got really slow upload speed (less than 100kb/s) and the project folder is almost 1gb

Is your Menu level set as the Game Default Map and/or Editor Startup Map? You can check by going to Edit > Project Settings > Maps and Modes

So your Pause menu is a Level and not a HUD/Slate Widget overlay? Is your Pause Menu level loaded and then afterwards the Menu level is loaded?

Can you provide the code that is switching between levels so I can try to reproduce using the Third Person starter project. Are you able to reproduce this using the Third Person starter project?

Allright, I don’t know how but it works, now the widget that is the menu isn’t creating D:

Ok, there was a failing casting from a method that i tried for showing the cursor

Create a new gamemode and put this on it

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So did you figure it out?

“Show mouse cursor”

get this node in playercontroller class

really thank you

Hi guys, my name is . I have a problem with the program unreal engine 4, and the problem is that when I right-click and search for the phrase show mouse cursor, it does not show anything. What should I do? please help

You need the player controller or find it in player controller

You might need to uncheck the “Context Sensitive” Checkbox ( In the Blueprint search window you get from R-Clicking in the BP window).

I fixed the problem for me by adding a C++ class to my project. Simply go to File - New C++ Class and add a empty one. Then hopefully all C++ stuff is added that is also needed to run your PlugIns.