Show mouse cursor disables mouse events


when setting “show mouse cursor” to true in a playercontroller, any MouseX/MouseY events suddenly return 0.0 after the first mouse-button press.

How to reproduce:
Create a new project
Create a new PlayerController BP, just enable “show mouse cursor” in the class defaults
Project Preferences → Maps and Modes → create a new gamemode and set the new PlayerController that was created
Project Preferences → Input → add an axis event for MouseX and call it i.e. rawMouseX
Go to the level blueprint, add the “rawMouseX” axis event and do a print string on the value

When you now start the game in editor, everything looks correct and you get the different values for the x axis. but as soon as you press the left/right/middle mouse button, it is zeroed out and you dont get any value other than 0 now.


Hello ,

I was able to reproduce this issue on our end. I have written up a report (UE-28811) and I have submitted it to the developers for further consideration. I will provide updates with any pertinent information as it becomes available. Thank you for your time and information.

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Hey Rudy,

thanks! Additionally, please consider the pull request 2206 (for the 4.11 branch) and 2207 (for the master branch) as a fix for the issue.



Is it bug reproducible in Main branch of git repo?

yes, the same code changes were done in the master branch; This is what the pull request 2207 is for.


Ah, really, thank you!

Can’t you just build a custom cursor? I think this would be a fast workaround.

Theoretically, yes. But this would be adding additional overhead, i would have to update this in all my marketplace assets, people that buy it will ask why i had my own cursor logic in there and why i dont rely on the default cursor, and so on. So thats not really a practical solution for me.

Have the same issue, since I switched to 4.11 with my game I cannot turn the player with the mouse (I use in DeprojectMousePositionToWorld C++). Also, for some strange reason, movement is not applied via WASD to my player character, although the C++ functions are called with the right values. AddMovementInput does not seem to work. But I guess that’s not related to this one?

Hello zaha,

Thank you for the additional information on this issue, I will be sure to bump up the community interest on the report.

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Thank you for the report.

A fix should be included in 4.11.1
CL 2934992 and 2935089

This is NOT fixed in 4.11.1 at least that’s how it seems to me. Or am I wrong?

Correct it’s in 4.11.2, unfortunately it just missed 4.11.1

this is a huge issue to projects that rely on that fix to be released. Any ETA on the hotfix release?

I really hope this bug gets fixed in the next release.

The main reason I use [x][Show Mouse Cursor] is because it enables you to seamlessly & efficiently work between the viewport and other windows without having to press SHIFT+F1 to show the mouse cursor whenever you need to navigate to another window.

Since 4.11 I have to constantly keep pressing SHIFT+F1 which is a real productivity killer, especially when you’re trying to debug blueprints/materials or any setting that requires moving the mouse out of the viewport.

I trust the dev team is still on it, and really hope it gets fixed as soon as possible.

4.11.2 Hotfix Released

UE-28811 Get mouse X/ Get mouse Y returns zero after the user clicks the screen and mouse is shown
UE-29148 Using “Show Mouse Cursor” breaks mouse axis movement

Yaaay! Downloading now…

Hey there. Were you able to figure out a solution for this issue?

Version 4.12 this problem continues.

This issue is again under investigation. I will be sure to bump up the community interest for this issue.

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Thanks for fast reply