Show mouse cursor bug in 4.5

In 4.4 i could look around freely and spin the camera view constantly. In 4.5 after the BP node show mouse cursor and set to false is set. I can no longer look freely and it seems to be limited how far I can move, similar to how like up and down is limited. How ever if I press a mouse button even once, it fixes the bug, and i can spin freely right to left again. I think its a bug because I didn’t have this issue prior to 4.5. Built on the ball template using a windows client. Also the graphics for meshes seems off in 4.5 UI and textures don’t seem to be effected. I get black borders instead anti-aliasing, makes it look like borderlands kind of. I also noticed that in my 4.5 linux editor I compiled last night. I didn’t seem to have these two issues.

I found out why it looked so bad. I unchecked monitor editor and set everything back to epic. Compiled from source and still getting the show mouse cursor issue.

Hey Steve,

This has been reported in this post:

If you’re experiencing the same thing, I am looking into a workaround while the bug is looked at by the developers, and I will let you know when there is an update. Thanks for your report!

I just heard back from the developers, and it appears that the default starting state may have changed slightly, but Set Show Cursor is generally insufficient to switch between Game/UI modes, which is what controls the cursor being locked to the viewport. The correct way to set this up is to use the Set Input Mode nodes in conjunction with the Show Mouse Cursor nodes. Here is the example from the link above:

Hope that helps!

Unfortunately that is not the issue I have. While I did have that issue once I fixed it by using the node set enable click events to false and it rebinds my game back to view port with mouse look with no issues and with out clicking the screen again. I tried using the node set input mode game and ui and when doing so I have to hold the mouse button down to move the camera then (forcing the player to hold the mouse button to move would not be a good thing). I also tried adding the node set input mode game only, this one does allow the camera to move as it should, but it does not fix the issue at all. While I never needed the node before should I leave it there any way? As I said though It didn’t fix the issue, nor did I use it before. I’m posting a video to make it easier to demonstrate the issue I get with 4.5 - YouTube

Okay, I watched the video and I can see the issue, but I haven’t been able to reproduce it. I may need to see more of the Blueprint in question. Could you post some screenshots, or zip and attach the BP’s .uasset for me to look at? Or if you can set up a test project that displays the same problem, you can put that up in Dropbox and send me a link. Thanks!

When I press pause on the controller or keyboard the pause menu comes up. If I press the pause button on the controller or keyboard again it calls to function resume game and every thing works fine. If I click the resume button with the mouse, which is shown in my pictures, it also calls to resume game function. How ever the bug happens every time. You can fix it by pressing any mouse button once, scrolling the wheel does not fix it.

If you place the Set Input Mode Game Only before the Show Mouse Cursor node in the Resume Game function, do you still get the same result?

Added node and checked, no change. I had to run out of the house for a bit and came back and there was an update to 4.5.1. I rechecked and it was fixed! I then removed the extra node and the same issue came up again. In 4.5.0 it was broke. In 4.5.1 with that node added its fixed. I would say someone figured it out and fixed it in 4.5.1 I still needed that new node though in the new engine. Thank you.

Glad it’s working for you now! Please let us know if this issue reappears, as these Input Mode nodes are new to 4.5. Thanks!