Show high level call graph for blueprints

Often, I get lost in how this blueprint calls that blueprint, then it goes to the client, then back to server, etc. This would show the overall call flow for blueprints, allowing you to see at a high level what calls what, if it is server side or client side, and even possibly inputs and outputs.

It would be helpful to see an execution graph (not a call tree), and see the blueprint events and functions that are called as a result.

For example: The player may have a tradeskill list, and they select a tradeskill and the server sends back the recipes for that tradeskill that the current player can craft.

  • Player clicks tradeskill “Smelting”
  • Server side event is called, to collect the recipes for smelting that player Bob knows
  • A function “Get Player Recipes For Tradeskill” is called to get recipes for Bob, for the tradeskill Smelting, this function is in a function library
  • The function library gets the gamemode, casts it, and calls a function in the gamemode to retrieve the data from storage (a map, array, whatever)
  • Client side event is called with the recipe list, to show the recipe list
  • Client side functions are called to display the recipes in a vertical list, whatever.

It would be neat if you could click on say…the initial server side event call, and see the call flow. I’ve attached a sample call graph picture.

The nice thing is, the nodes could be colored red if they are a server side event, and green if they are a client side event.