Show/Hide variables on Editor

I have a master class called Door, and this door has 3 variables, aimationDuration, Start Delay and an Enum with 2 options - ClosingDoor and OpeningDoor. Now, I would like to know if its possible when I choose ClosingDoor the editor will display only the animationDuration variable and hide the StartDelay variable, krogerfeedback and then choose the openingDoor and hide the animationDuration and show the StartDelay. Is this possible or is there another way to accomplish this?

What exactly are you trying to do? Just make the editor details panel visually look different based off which enum you select?

I don’t think that even possible in C++ defently not possible in Blueprint, there meta specifier there for UPROPERTY called “EditCondition” but it only accepts bool varable as a condition, you can try making hacks with making bool condition not visible in property editor at all and check actual condition on construction script and set bool variable accordingly.

All visibility options should be in variable properties when you click them in blueprint, thats all options you have in blueprint, C++ gives more specifiers and meta specifiers, including specific one to specific type of variable (probably document link below don’t even list them all as meny meta specifiers are not documented):