Show/Hide variable in Defaults

I was wondering if there was a way t show/hide variables in the default panel based on a condition! For example, if this actor is a BP_Weapon the show weapon details but if it’s a BP_Item then show item details an hide weapon details! Both those actors are children of a BP_pickup actor which holds variables for both BP_Item and BP_Weapon.

Hi Raed, if possible, I’d suggest not defining the Item/Weapon specific variables in the parent Pickup blueprint. Instead you could define the Item variables in BP_Item and the Weapon variables in the BP_Weapon. This way the pickup actors will only know about parameters that are relevant to them. As for the common variables, you can define them in the parent itself. Hope that helps.

Hi Stormrage,
I gave an item and a weapon as example I meant with it that the parent class has all the main functionality needed for the weapon and item. I’m not going to have to include a weapon specific variables in the parent class anyway… Think variables like isOverlapped, Character, Game instance references…

Something like this

I’ve never used Unity, but I believe something like that is not possible in blueprints. The closest option would be to categorize variables into sub-sections using ‘|’ so that its clear that certain variables are for the weapons while others are for items.