Show External Login UI not working

Hello !

I’m working on an Android game (with blueprints). I’m using the “Show External UI” node to connect to Google Play, in order to use saves and leaderboards. When the games is trying to connect to Google Play, the green box shows up, then a little loading green circle, then nothings.
In the logs I can see the folowing erros :

LogOnline:Warning: Async task ‘Login’ failed in 37.215903 seconds

I have the Beta Tester rights on Google Play Console

Can anyone help me or give me some ideas on how to fix it ? Thanks in advance !

EDIT : If I try with the Tappy Chicken UE project, google play services are not working neither. Can it come form the way I launch the game on my device ?

Okay I sorted it out, I needed to build in shipping mode to be able to use Google Play services ^^

How do you know when the player logged in using the external UI, or the game pauses?

I am building on shipping mode but I still have the same problem you had

I’m also facing the same issue, I can see that the function Show External UI is calling the UI on a mobile device, also the people are able to signin with their credentials into the game services but the Show External UI function is returning a fail!
please don’t mark your answer as a solution because it didn’t solve a thing.